How does the Library Work

A great library right at our doorstep is no longer a dream. We have made it into a reality. Read books at your own pace and leisure, we support you.

1.  As a first step you need to sign up (name, email id, address and other necessary details).
2. Select your preferred subscription plan.
3. Send us the cheque or DD for the subscription plan chosen by you or easier still just drop in a email and we will arrange collection.
4. Once your payment is received by us and we have processed your membership request, you are ready to enjoy the facilities of the library.
5. Click and add books to your "Bookshelf". Bookshelf is the list of books that you want to read. At least 10 books should be selected and placed in the Bookshelf before delivery of the books can start. The selection of 10 books needs to be prioritized, so that we know which books you would prefer to receive first.
6. Please allow for 1-2 days for the books to reach you.
7. When you have finished reading the books, click on the "Ready for Pickup" button under the "My Bookshelf" tab.
8. We will send out your next set of books, and pickup the previous set.

1. You can keep the library books for as long as you are a member of the library.
2. Do not damage the books you get from the library. The books are meant for circulation and any damage to the books will make them unfit for circulation.
3. Some of the doníts with the books are - do not dog ear, tear, chew, whack flies/mosquitoes with the books, use them as coasters or turn pages with haldi stained fingers.
4. Your security deposit is refundable to you at the end of your subscription period, unless we find that any of books borrowed by you have been damaged. In that event the security deposit will be suitably adjusted before refund.
5. In the event the security deposit gets fully adjusted against damages caused by you to the books, you will not be entitled to borrow any books for the remaining period of the member ship until you have made a fresh deposit.
6.Do not hit "Ready for Pickup" until you are really REALLY ready to send two books back. We will not pick up singles (books that is).
7. Do not be upset if the book at the top of your bookshelf is not available. Trust us, we are doing our very best to get it to you ASAP. While we search high and low for a copy of that book you will not be left stranded- we will send you the next available book from your bookshelf.
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