About Us
Booklovers Club, as the name suggests is an effort to bring together individuals who are fond of reading but are increasingly getting averse to reading because of the various impediments. Books have not only become expensive but storing them has become even more of a problem. The problems associated with purchasing and storing books has started preventing the younger generation from pursuing reading as a hobby. This is not at all good for a growing nation like ours. Books contain a wealth of knowledge and information and the younger generation learns a lot from reading books.

Being avid booklovers ourselves, and facing these problems day in day out in the pursuit of our hobby, we decided to create a common pool of books from where all like minded individuals could borrow books to pursue their hobby. This idea gave birth to bookloversclub.in and here we are.

The idea is to create a community lending library to rent the books to individuals at low rates without due dates/no fines and hassle free delivery at member's door step. This is a small step from us to turn the younger generation into reading habits.

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